Administrative Program Review

The Administrative Program Review process at El Camino College is intended to evaluate the progress towards achieving existing goals and outcomes of offices or units under the President’s Office, the Administrative Services Area, and the Human Resources Area. Program review also involves looking forward to plan for the next four years—setting up new/adjusted goals and outcomes, guided by the aforementioned evaluation. Through the Program Review process, each office/unit has an opportunity to:  1) critically evaluate the accomplishments and services offered during the last four years and 2) plan four years ahead, recommending necessary changes in order to ensure that planned goals and outcomes are met.

Administrative Program Review Committee

The Administrative Program Review Committee is responsible for offering feedback to the program review report that administrative managers develop through the process. This committee meets regularly in the Spring semester to review program review reports and provide recommendations. Committee members are trained by the Institutional Research and Planning Office so that they can perform their role appropriately. Committee members serve for two years. After that period of time, a new group of employees working at the President’s Office and the Administrative Services and Human Resources Areas are invited to serve in the committee. The Administrative Program Review Committee Membership is as follows:

Area Representative Name Representative Position
President's Office Jose Anaya Dean, Community Advancement & Business Training Center
President's Office (Chair) Viviana Unda Director, Institutional Research & Planning
President's Office Vacant vacant
Administrative Services Julie Bourlier Director, Bookstore
Administrative Services Rita McCullum Director, Purchasing & Risk Management
Human Resources  Jaynie Ishikawa Director, Title IX, Diversity & Inclusion
Human Resources Maria Smith Director, Human Resources