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Educational Master Planning Process


The Educational Master Plan (EMP) is a fundamental document that will guide everything we do in support of student success. It serves to guide planning, decision-making, and resource allocation at all levels of the College.  The Educational Master Planning process involves envisioning what the institution is, what it does, and why it does it. The final result is an Educational Master Plan which informs the Technology Plan, the Facilities Plan, and the Staffing Plan.

The current Educational Master Plan is intended to guide the work of the College through 2023.  The next Educational Master Plan will impact the College from 2023-2029.

Process to Date

A Strategy Steering Committee has been convened to steward the Educational Master Planning process.  The Strategy Steering Committee met in November 2021 to kick-off the Educational Master Planning process.  The focus of this first meeting was on a framework for the internal and external landscape scan.  View the presentation here.

Currently, the College is reflecting on its current vision, mission, and statement of values.  Make your voice count!  To provide input into how El Camino should refine its vision, mission, and statement of values, please provide feedback here.

Strategy Steering Committee

The Strategy Steering Committee was convened in November 2021 through a process that brought together all constituent groups of the college: students, faculty, staff, students, and managers.  The Strategy Steering Committee members will meet throughout the EMP process through Fall 2023 to:

  • Provide information and insight to guide the EMP process.
  • Serve as a conduit to articulate the needs of their constituents while recognizing the needs of other stakeholders to collaboratively support College-wide interests.

Members of the Steering Committee include:

Constituency group

Committee Members

Appointed by

Students: ASO President + 6 students

Dalyan Johnston, Koby Tesfay, Paige Martin, Karina Ramirez, Hurnica Vicencio, Fine Tuitupou, Andrea Fernandez Cruz

ASO President

Faculty: Academic Senate Rep. + 7 instructional & non-instructional, Full-time & Part-time faculty

Darcie McClelland, Edwin Ambrosio, Kevin Degnan, Annette Owens, Peter Marcoux, Tiffanie Lau, Christopher Hurd, Khai Lu

Academic Senate President

Classified Staff

Gema Perez, Grace Perez, Carolyn Pineda, Ricky Gonzalez

ECCE President

Academic Affairs VP or designee

Jackie Sims

Area VP

Student Services VP or designee

Ross Miyashiro

Area VP

Human Resources VP or designee

Mayra Peralta

Area VP

Administrative Services VP or designee

Daniel Villanueva

Area VP


Brenda Thames


Institutional Research & Planning

Viviana Unda


Strong Workforce Initiative Representative

Coleen Maldonado


Professional Development Committee Representative

Stacey Allen

Professional Development Committee

Small Business Development Center Representative

Star Van Buren

Dean of Community Advancement

Technology Committee Representative

Crystle Martin

Technology Committee

Facilities Committee Representative

Michael Blada

Facilities Steering Committee

Enrollment Mgmt Committee Representative

Julieta O. Arámburo

Enrollment Mgmt Committee

Guided Pathways Representative

Jenny Simon

Guided Pathways Advisory Committee

SEA Initiative Representative

Nayeli Oliva

VP Student Services


Constituency group

Advisory Members

Federation of Teachers Representative

Kelsey Iino

ECCE Representative

Roy Dietz

POA Representative

Oscar Castro