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Planning Platform (Nuventive)


Nuventive is the online planning platform where annual goals, actions, metrics and resource requests are documented, mapped and tracked.

Goals should cascade first from the institution to all areas, then to all divisions/units, and finally to all offices/programs. The relationships between these goals can be documented and mapped within Nuventive. Any new budget request can also be documented in Nuventive and mapped to a goal to inform the review and approval of budget requests.

For the 2021-22 annual planning and budgeting process, ECC introduced a new version of Nuventive.  The new Nuventive Improve platform will facilitate the tracking of goals, metrics, actions and the mapping of resource requests to goals.  This will allow greater transparency and alignment of the priorities across all ECC entities.  It will also more clearly connect the annual planning and budgeting processes.

All areas will use new Nuventive Improve platform for the 2022-23 planning process which began in October 2021.

To access Nuventive: