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Program Review

The program review process takes place every four years (every two years for Career Education programs). Programs/units/offices examine the work done during the last three years to evaluate the progress towards achieving existing goals, objectives, and outcomes. The review also involves looking forward to plan for the next 4 years, setting up new/adjusted goals, objectives, and outcomes, guided by the aforementioned evaluation. Through the program review process, each unit/office has an opportunity to: 1) critically evaluate the accomplishments and services offered and 2) plan, recommending necessary changes in order to ensure that goals, objectives and outcomes are met.  

The program review processes are conducted by all areas of the College, which includes the areas of Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Administrative areas (Administrative Services, Human Resources, and the President’s Office).

The program review process is led by the head of the program/office under review. In the case of Academic Affairs, a faculty member assigned by the Dean will conduct the review. As a result of this process, each program/office will produce a report that includes a thorough evaluation of the program/office's effectiveness and a multi-year plan that includes recommendations for improvement over the next four years. The multi-year plan should align with the institutional goals and the current Strategic Plan of the College. The Program Review Report is taken into consideration when the program/office is developing its annual plans and when the program/office is articulating its resource needs as part of the annual budgeting process.    

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