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Service Area Outcomes

College Mission:

El Camino College makes a positive difference in people’s lives. We provide innovative and excellent comprehensive educational programs and services that promote student learning, equity, and success in collaboration with our diverse communities.

Office Mission:

The Office of Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) supports the El Camino College mission by leading institutional planning and guiding research that advances student success and institutional excellence.

Office Responsibilities:

  1. Produce internal and external reporting to meet mandates according to calendar and requirements
  2. Strengthen the capacity of College stakeholders to draw insight from data so that decisions and actions are evidence informed
  3. Coordinate the development of program reviews and plans at all levels of the College
  4. Complete ad hoc/special research/planning requests coming from College stakeholders
  5. IRB & IRP housekeeping

2021-22 IRP Office Goals & Objectives

Goal 1: Provide data insights that drive College stakeholders' actions

Goal 1 Objectives:

  1. Assist Guided Pathways success teams in identifying relevant and impactful data that will help implement more impactful actions
  2. Use effective visualization and messaging to help stakeholders use campus survey results/dashboards to better address students' needs


Goal 2:  Provide strategic support to move stakeholders from awareness and compliance-driven planning to understanding the planning process and its value

Goal 2 Objectives:

  1. Strengthen the planning capacity of Academic Affairs and Student Services managers during their 2021-22 transition planning year
  2. Implement an updated academic program review process more integrated with the program-level annual planning process

IRP Service Area Outcomes:

By interacting with the IRP office, ECC employees will be able to:

  1. Understand the process of institutional planning as a means to improve student and service area outcomes
  2. Connect their plans (program, unit, area) to the Strategic Plan and other plans within El Camino College
  3. Use data to determine priorities, guide decisions, implement and evaluate actions