Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Standing Committee

Mission and Purpose

The El Camino College Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Standing Committee provides guidance to the Academic Senate on matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusion under the 10+1. Under this purview, this committee will create and implement concrete plans that will increase equity in teaching, learning, and serving our students as well as in relationships among colleagues.

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Goals 2022-2023

Develop a 2022-2023 EDI annual plan and set goals for the 22-23.
The EDI Committee sets goals for each academic year.


Develop a platform to celebrate El Camino College Employees and Students who are adavncing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion work at our institution. The program is titled, "EDI Champions: Honoring ECC’s Community"
The EDI Standing Committee will develop a pathway to honor those individuals who are advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion here at El Camino College.


EDI proposes to help El Camino College grow more in alignment with resolutions from the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) pertaining to our students' rights to their own languages. The EDI Standing Committee proposes to explore how current campus policies and practices devalue languages that diverge from White mainstream English. The EDI Standing Committee will address how our campus may be complicit in linguistic racism. the committee will help scaffold the process for staff and faculty.
The EDI Standing Committee will conduct three task during the current 22-23 academic calendar, (1) participate in spring 2023 flex day professional development breakout sessions and roundtable, (2) develop a canvas shell with modules related to linguistic justice, and (3) develop a syllabus statement on linguistic justice.


VP EDI will work with the VP of the FDC to review external equity professional development flex credit submissions that need further consultation for approval.
The EDI Standing Committee has created a short list of questions iinquiring with all Divisions and Service areas to identify EDI programs, services, and other related resources.


Identify areas within the El Community College Academic Senate 10+1 that suggest, support, and incorporate systemic racism and make recommendations on how systemic racism can be eliminated, and then report these findings to the Academic Senate.
The EDI Standing Committee will accept from the ECC academic community and its faculty any items related to systemic racism, identify via investigation how systemic racism can be eliminated here at ECC, and then make recoommendations to the administration and board of trustees of the ECC School District.


Develop an EDI Glossary to be housed on the EDI homepage of the Academic Senate and to be made available as an open source.
The EDI Standing Committee in consultation with the USC's Center for Race and Equity will host a glossary and other EDI resources.

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