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El Camino’s biology degree program puts you on a path to earn a degree and transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university. Explore classes in a variety of life sciences in this accessible and affordable pathway to a rewarding career.

Approximate cost for an El Camino College AS degree in biology
Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $44,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $99,000
Career opportunities for this program are expected to grow 10% nationwide from 2016 to 2026

Our Biology Associate in Science (AS) degree typically takes two years.

Discover how a degree in biology can lead to many exciting educational and career opportunities.

Choose a Degree Designed for University Transfer

Most El Camino biology graduates will transfer to a four-year college or university to continue their education. Learn more about this degree that offers a pathway to university transfer and a variety of science-based careers.


This degree offers a direct route to a bachelor’s degree program and opportunities in many career fields. You’ll build your scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills while exploring your interests in biology and the life sciences.

  • Take classes covering areas such as biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology, anatomy, and physiology.
  • Learn about cell anatomy and physiology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, and anatomy, morphology, physiology, life histories, ecology, and evolution.
  • Earn a degree and meet most common transfer requirements.
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Continue Your Education in Biology

After earning a degree in biology, you will be ready to transfer to the university level. We’re here to help you prepare for advanced work and further scientific study.

  • Explore careers in biology and life sciences, or related fields such as science education, health care, environmental biology, marine biology, molecular biology, and zoology.
  • Gain valuable skills in research, critical thinking and writing, and collaborative problem solving – all essential to success in today’s science careers.
  • Learn biology fundamentals that prepare you to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $44,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $99,000.

Build Your Biology Network Beyond the Classroom

As an El Camino biology student, you’ll have many opportunities to explore various areas of science outside the classroom setting.

  • Access support through our STEM Center and free tutoring in multiple subjects.
  • Join the active Science Club and participate in faculty-led field trips to state/national parks that focus on scientific discovery.
  • Explore biology and the life sciences in multiple lab settings.
  • Participate in our successful Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program that provides a peer-based academic community.
  • Access a variety of internships and research opportunities in the sciences.
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