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Manufacturing Technology

El Camino’s manufacturing technology degree and certificate programs set you on track to join the workforce immediately after graduating. These accessible, affordable career paths also prepare you for more training and advancement. 

Approximate cost for an El Camino College manufacturing technology degree
Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $21,000 to $122,000 with an average salary of $42,000
With a bachelor’s degree, pursue advanced career opportunities such as a safety specialist, which has an average salary of $83,000

Our Manufacturing Technology Associate in Science (AS) degree typically takes two years, and our certificate program can be completed in about one year.

Manufacturing technology education at El Camino gives you what you need to join the South Bay manufacturing workforce. We’ll help you succeed.

Choose a Degree Designed for Manufacturing Technology Careers

Most El Camino manufacturing technology students want to start their careers as soon as possible. Others are looking to advance their existing career. We offer options perfect for either goal.

Manufacturing Technology Associate in Science (AS) Degree

This degree prepares you to pursue a career in the manufacturing technology industry. It’s a great option if you want to enter the industry at the entry level and begin working right away.

  • Learn the principles and operation of conventional and computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools.
  • Take specialized courses with an emphasis on safety, measurement, hand tools, power saws, drilling machines, lathes, and milling and grinding machines.
  • Practice using industry-standard computer hardware and software.
  • Apply principles from mathematics, physics, and chemistry to solve problems.

Manufacturing Technology Certificate of Achievement

This degree offers a direct pathway for employment in manufacturing fields.

  • Gain a foundation in computer aided design, machining, electronics, technical math, and welding.
  • Take specialized courses such as basic robotics, CAD, CNC machining, electronics, welding, and manufacturing print reading.
  • Practice on industry-standard computer hardware and software.

Pursue an Entry-Level Manufacturing Job or Further Education

As an El Camino manufacturing technology graduate, you’ll be ready to start work immediately in a manufacturing job, or related industrial field. We’re here to help you find career options and decide on the best step after graduation.

  • Work in a broad range of job positions like rolling machine setter, operator, industrial engineering technician, tenders, CNC programmers and computer-controlled machine tool operators.
  • Pursue opportunities for advancement to machinist, tool and die maker, experimental machinist, plant manager, packaging engineer, or numerical control programmer.
  • Join a team that can bridge the innovation gap between research and complete to-scale industrial production.
  • Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $21,000 to $122,000 with an average salary of $42,000.

Participate in Academic and Career Opportunities

Take your education outside of the classroom. El Camino offers apprenticeship opportunities and connections with industries that translate into valuable real-world experience.

  • Access opportunities such as our aerospace apprenticeship to specialize in a particular area or broaden your knowledge.
  • Take advantage of an internship or paraprofessional opportunity.
  • Expand your networking and attend conferences and exhibitions. 
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Academic Details

Learn about course requirements and more for the Manufacturing Technology AS degree and Manufacturing Technology certificate in El Camino’s online catalog.

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Manufacturing Technology Program Map

Find semester-by-semester plans that chart your path to a Manufacturing Technology AS degree and a Manufacturing Technology certificate.

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