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El Camino’s degree and certificate programs in marketing offer education and training regarding marketing principles and concepts. You can prepare for entry-level positions in a variety of businesses or transfer to a four-year degree program after graduation.

Our Associate in Science (AS) degree in marketing usually takes up to two years. Or, complete a certificate program in about six months and be ready to start your career right away.

Choose classes that prepare you for a marketing career. We’ll help you succeed.

Choose a Degree Designed for Marketing Careers or Transfer

Many El Camino marketing students want to start their careers as soon as possible. Others will continue their education at a four-year college or university. We’ll help you set goals and reach them.

Marketing Associate in Science (AS) Degree

The El Camino marketing degree program will prepare you for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Or, use your education to begin entry-level work in both private industry and public agencies.

  • Explore opportunities in the marketing field and learn basic concepts and strategies such as market analysis, planning, product development, marketing mix, and making media decisions.
  • Study target marketing, product development, customer needs, advertising, basic accounting, and communications.
  • Meet most common transfer requirements and start your journey toward a bachelor’s degree.

Marketing Certificate of Achievement

The El Camino certificate of achievement in marketing will prepare you for entry-level work in both large and small business and work environments.

  • Explore marketing concepts and strategies such as market analysis, planning, product development, marketing mix, and media decisions.
  • Discover opportunities in the marketing field and apply marketing concepts that influence marketing decision-making in the global economy.

Pursue an Entry-Level Marketing Job or Further Education

As an El Camino marketing graduate, you’ll be ready to pursue an entry-level job, or you can pursue a bachelor’s degree at a university. We’ll help you develop the hands-on skills and industry knowledge needed for the career path you choose.

  • Pursue a career as a brand/product manager, market research analyst, wholesale and retail buyer, purchasing agent, media planner, advertising coordinator, copywriter, database manager, and more.
  • Learn how marketing connects a company or nonprofit group to specific consumer groups.
  • Develop the critical-thinking skills necessary to address complex business/marketing issues.
  • Discover jobs in a business setting, in addition to positions in areas such as health care, government, colleges and universities, museums, and the armed forces.
  • Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $26,000 to $123,000 with an average salary of $59,000.

Build Your Marketing Network Beyond the Classroom

As an El Camino marketing student, you’ll have many opportunities to explore your interests outside of your classwork.

  • Meet students who share your interests and join the ECC Business Society, a student club committed to community involvement and social networking.
  • Take advantage of an internship.
  • Find support from tutoring in all your classes.
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