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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to complete college coursework while attending high school. Dual enrollment provides transfer pathway and career education courses for high school students capable of advanced work and is not intended as remedial or makeup work.


What is concurrent enrollment?

At El Camino College, the terms concurrent enrollment and dual enrollment are used interchangeably to indicate K-12 students enrolling in college courses. Dual enrollment is the preferred term.


How much does it cost?

High school students do not have to pay college fees for articulated classes.


Why should I articulate my high school course? 

  • Save Money High school students do not have to pay college fees for articulated classes. 
  • Save Time Complete college courses before graduating high school so you do not have to take them in college.
  • Achieve Your College and Career Goals Sooner 
  1. CTE Certificates
  2. Associate Degree
  3. Transfer to a University


What if I didn't get a good grade in the high school course and don’t want the grade on my college transcript?

If you don’t want the grade you received in high school on your college transcript, then do not apply for articulation and the class will not be on your college transcript, but will still remain on your high school transcript.