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High School Articulation

What is High School Articulation?

High School Articulation is a process in which High School courses are deemed equivalent to El Camino College courses through a formal agreement. Articulation allows students to receive a college grade (and units) on a college transcript for their high school course. College credit will be awarded to students that successfully pass the course and submit all the paperwork required (see steps below) according to the terms of the agreement. The credit appears on the student’s college transcript with the same letter grade they received in their high school class.

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply Online for the current semester to El Camino College at www.elcamino.edu/apply
    • In 2-3 days you will receive an El Camino Student ID # via email. (If you already have a previous ECC ID #, use that)
  2. Fill out the Petition for High School Articulation College Credit Application form.
  3. Have your teacher fill out the Instructor Section of the application form & sign it.
  4. Submit application form with all signatures to your high school counselor.
    • The counselor will attach your transcripts & submit it directly to El Camino.

Table of Articulated Courses per High School