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Career and Technical Education Programs in Torrance California

High School Career Pathways

What is a K-14 Career Pathway?

K-14 Career Pathways help high school students to prepare for high demand, high wage careers and industries. High school students can earn early college credit for FREE by taking a sequence of dual enrollment classes that lead to a college certificate, associate degree and/or university transfer.  

Early exposure to the industry and work readiness are an integral part of each K-14 career pathways.  Work-based learning activities include job readiness digital badges, industry speakers, workplace site visits, regional industry events, and, where available, internships.  If relevant, preparation for industry certifications, state permits, and industry exams are included. 

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K-14 Career Pathways 

automotive technology Automotive Technology construction Construction Technology engineering tech image Engineering Technology

childhood development Childhood Development cc Cloud Computing image for cyber security Cyber Security 
Dr. Coleen Maldonado, Ed.D
K-14 Career Pathways Coordinator
El Camino College
310-660-3593 ext. 7905
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