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Students and Parents

Students and Parents

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RECORDING LINK - K-14 Career Pathways Info Session 5/11/21  

Recording Pathways Info Session

What is a K-14 Career Pathway?

K-14 Career Education Pathways are a sequence of dual enrollment college classes that lead to a college certificate, associate degree and/or university transfer in a high demand CTE career field.  Students participate in work-based learning opportunities.  If relevant, preparation for industry certifications, state permits, and industry exams are included.  Students take classes as a cohort with additional student supports such as a Pathway Student Success Coach, pre-semester orientation, college & career workshops, and activities designed to create a sense of community.

How much does it cost?

K-14 Career Pathways dual enrollment classes are FREE.  Students may need to pay for any required textbooks, although some school district will offer to pay for textbooks for dual enrollment classes.  Please check with your high school principal to find out.  Students also need to provide their own transportation for classes that are taught at the El Camino College campus.  

Why is this something I should consider doing?

A K-14 Career Pathway helps high school students to get early college credits for FREE, learn about high demand careers, and get exposure to the industry through work-based learning opportunities.  Taking college courses while in high school can save you time, money, and help you achieve your education and career goals sooner. 

What is work-based learning?  How will I learn about jobs and careers?

K-14 Career Pathway programs include opportunities for work-based learning, including exposure to industry and employers, worksite visits, job readiness digital badges, and, when available opportunities to apply for internships &/or summer jobs.  

How does this benefit a high school student who isn't sure they want to work a K-14 career pathway focus or who plans to go straight to the university?

  • A community college certificate is a way for students to demonstrate to employers that they have a specific set of skills required for a job.  This can help compensate for a lack of work experience.
  • In many cases El Camino College credit can be transferable to other colleges or universities.
  • Great for your UC or Private College personal statement essay.

Are the dual enrollment classes hard?

These are the same college level classes that adult college students take.  They are challenging and students need to commit to working hard and studying but data shows that dual enrollment students have high success rates in their college classes.