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Human Development Courses

Human Development course offerings include:

  • Career Planning
  • Orientation to College Educational Planning and Guidance
  • Strategies for Success in College

HDEV 101 Orientation to College Educational Planning and Guidance

This introductory course is designed for first-year college students. Topics covered in the course include: matriculation, financial aid, cultural diversity, instructional styles, learning styles, self-esteem, study skills, decision making, goal setting, and educational planning. Attention is also given to issues unique to specific students, such as international students and students involved with Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S).

HDEV 105 Career and Life Planning

These essential courses provide each student with career planning techniques based on: self-examination of interests, personality, skills, and values.  Students participate in assessment inventories, skill exercises, career research, and group activities to find careers that are best suited for specific skills and interests.  The Career Center is used for additional research and to further investigate specific work environments.

HDEV 107 Navigating the Transfer Process

This course introduces students to the process of transferring to a university. Students will be provided with information necessary to evaluate educational and career goals, compare universities, and review university admissions and major preparation requirements.  Emphasis will be placed on the development of educational plans, financial aid opportunities, and available programs and services at universities.

HDEV 110 /HDEV 110H Strategies for Success in College 

In this course, students will gain the knowledge, skills and personal/interpersonal awareness necessary for success in college. Students will be personally guided to establish realistic academic and vocational/career goals, while examining their overall goals for their future. Students will also create a personal education plan based on assessment information, self-examination, and knowledge of programs and services provided by the college.

HDEV 115  Career Development Across the Lifespan

This course offers a comprehensive approach to career development across the lifespan. Theories of career and life development provide a framework for understanding vocational choice, work satisfaction, and career transition. Psychological and sociological factors influencing education, career and personal decision-making, career assessment tools for identifying college majors and careers, as well as the knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary for success in a diverse workplace will be discussed. The course also reviews changing global environments, labor market trends, career research, and job search strategies..