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Accounting Faculty Directory


Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach.

Full-Time Faculty

Name                     Extension  Office Location Email Schedule/Homepage  
Giles, Brizset Ext. 7315 MBA 223 bgiles@elcamino.edu  
Hull, Kurt Ext. 3775 MBA 221 khull@elcamino.edu  
Kim, Julie Ext. 3764 MBA 225 jkim@elcamino.edu  
Lau, Philip Ext. 3785 MBA 223 plau@elcamino.edu  
Margiotta, Adam Ext. 3726 MBA 221 amargiotta@elcamino.edu  
Milosevic, Ana Ext. 3784 MBA 352 amilosevic@elcamino.edu  
Porter, Sidney Ext. 7157 MBA 225 sporter@elcamino.edu  


Part-Time Faculty

Name                       Extension Email Schedule/Homepage
Andersen, Scott n/a sandersen@elcamino.edu  
Blanshard, Arnold (310) 901-6654 ablanshard@elcamino.edu  
Knight, Ridgway n/a rknight@elcamino.edu