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Business Management Faculty Directory

Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach.

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Schedule/
Chau, Yuen Ext. 3721 MBA 348 ychau@elcamino.edu  
Mufich, John Ext. 3207 MBA 353 jmufich@elcamino.edu  
Som de Cerff, Melissa Ext. 6703 MBA 348 msomdecerff@elcamino.edu Homepage
Troesh, Joshua Ext. 5775 MBA 353 jtroesh@elcamino.edu  

Part-Time Faculty

Name Extension Email Schedule/
Alford, Lovell (562) 743-8535 lalford@elcamino.edu  
Green, Karen Ext. 4817 kgreen@elcamino.edu  
Haeri, Rebecca n/a rhaeri@elcamino.edu  
Hoon, Stephanie (949) 502-1701 shoon@elcamino.edu  
Miranda, Xavier (310) 933-7774 xmiranda@elcamino.edu  
Rovegno, Randy (818) 282-6432 rrovegno@elcamino.edu  
Senko, Erik (619) 335-3536 esenko@elcamino.edu