Faculty Directory

Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach.

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Email Schedule/
Anaya, Martin Ext. 3204 -or- (424) 310-4556 MBA 350 manaya@elcamino.edu  
Dellaca, Roger Ext.3203 MBA 352 rdellaca@elcamino.edu  
Lu, Khai Ext. 3767  MBA 355 klu@elcamino.edu    
Perkins, Richard Ext. 3776 -or- (657) 206-6074 MBA 350 rperkins@elcamino.edu  
Siddiqui, Junaid (Jay) Ext. 3205 MBA 349 jsiddiqui@elcamino.edu  

Part-Time Faculty

Name Extension Email Schedule/
Corbin, Steven (310) 200-9283 stcorbin@elcamino.edu  
Kane, Dennis (424) 262-7734 dkane@elcamino.edu  
Kol, Koda (310) 434-8417 kkol@elcamino.edu  
Le, Hac n/a hle@elcamino.edu   
Palmer, Patrick (310) 908-5467 ppalmer@elcamino.edu   
Rivera, Julissa n/a jrivera@elcamino.edu  
Rubio, Jesus n/a jrubio@elcamino.edu  
Seno, Vicky n/a vseno@elcamino.edu  
Tang, Joanna n/a jotang@elcamino.edu