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Administration of Justice

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Public Safety Department office is located in the Industry & Technology Building, Room 231
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Office Hours M-Th 7:45-4:30

Oscar Serrano
POST Academy Coordinator
(310) 660-3593 x 3348

Chief Jeff Baumunk
Public Safety Director
(310) 660-3593 ext. 3256

Julie Meredith
Administrative Assistant II
(310) 660-3593 ext. 7894


If you have questions regarding any of the POST courses, please email Neal Mongan at nmongan@elcamino.edu 

AJ 49 Application Packet – PC 832 Arrest and Firearms

AJ 150 Application Packet – POST Module Level III

AJ 155 Application Packet – POST Module Level II

Upcoming Class Schedule

AJ 155 – Peace Officer Training Module - Level II  

*Tentative Start Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2023

AJ 150 – Peace Officer Training Module - Level III 

*Tentative Start Date: Monday, February 13, 2023

AJ 49 - PC 832 Course - Arrest and Firearms  

*Tentative Start Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Associate in Arts and Certificates of Achievement and Accomplishment

The Administration of Justice degree or certificate prepares students for a career in criminal justice. By completing the degree or certificate requirements, the student will gain the ability to apply principles of the justice system, constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest, search and seizure, human relations, and concepts of criminal law as well as demonstrate proficiency in report writing and record keeping. Competencies will be assessed regularly in accordance with the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) criteria.

Administration of Justice 100 is required of all pre-employment Administration of Justice students pursuing an Associate of Science degree or seeking immediate employment. AJ 100 is not required of the employed officer or of the student enrolling in a specialized course within the 100-200 series. All students enrolled in this major should be aware of the physical requirements for employment in the law enforcement area. The pre-employment student should secure a complete physical examination from a licensed physician, preferably one who specializes in examination for law enforcement agencies. The applicant failing a medical examination should consult with instructors before applying for employment with a police agency.

Starting at $61,566  Experienced at $114,671