Nursing Degree Overview

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Nursing Degree Overview

The Associate Degree Nursing program provides the student with the skills to utilize the nursing process and assess unique patient needs across the lifespan using a concept-based approach to learning.

Degree competence will be assessed regularly by evaluation of expected learning outcomes in the clinical setting as well as course examinations. Emphasis is placed on the use of critical thinking and creative problem-solving in the clinical setting.

The nursing major prepares graduates in a variety of health care settings as entry-level registered nurses. Upon successful completion of the nursing program, the graduate is eligible to take the NCLEX-RN® (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses). Program assessment is conducted by monitoring student success rates on the NCLEX-RN® exam.

Program Prerequisites for the Associate Degree (All Students)

Complete the following courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA. All science courses must have been completed within seven years prior to the date of nursing program application. 

  1. Anatomy 32 and Physiology 31; or Anatomy and Physiology 34A and 34B
  2. Microbiology 33


  1. English 1A or English 1AH
  2. Math 150 or equivalent or transfer level math course for admission (Effective fall 2020 Mathematics 150 or Mathematics 150H will be the graduation requirement for the nursing program)
  3. Medical Terminology 1
  4. Psychology 116


  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all college courses.
  2. Complete the Readiness Assessment Test - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) with the state recommended passing score. If a prospective student receives a score below the state recommended score, the student will be required to complete remediation and then retake the ATI TEAS. Students will only have two opportunities to take and successfully pass the TEAS exam. Students who take the TEAS at ECC and complete the required remediation are required to retest at ECC.
  3. Nursing 143, 144, and 146 (Nursing 143 and Nursing 144 must be taken at El Camino College or Compton College.)

All general education courses and nursing courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Please contact a nursing counselor to determine course equivalencies.


Program Requirements

Class Title Units
NURS 220 Nursing Fundamentals 3.5
NURS 222 Medical Surgical Nursing - Older Adult 4
NURS 224 Nursing Pharmacology 3
NURS 226 Nursing Skills Practicum I 0.5


Class Title Units
NURS 230 Mental Health Nursing 3.5
NURS 232 Obstetrical Patients and the Newborn 2.5
NURS 234 Pediatric Nursing 2.5
NURS 238 Nursing Skills Practicum II 0.5


Class Title Units
NURS 240 Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing I 4
NURS 242 Intermediate Medical-Surgical Nursing II 4.5
NURS 244 Nursing Skills Practicum III 0.5


Class Title Units
NURS 247 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing I 5
NURS 248 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing II Preceptorship 2


Class Title Units
COMS 100*
Public Speaking
ENG 1C**


Critical Thinking and Composition

Honors Critical Thinking and Composition
PSYC 101


General Psychology

Honors General Psychology

SOC 101


SOC 101H


Introduction to Sociology

Honors Sociology 101

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
HUM Any 3 unit course from area 3 of the A.S. Degree Requirements

*Any 3-unit course from Communication Studies 120, 130, 140, may be substituted for Communication Studies 100.
** Students may substitute any of the following courses to meet the English 1C requirement - Philosophy 105, 105H, 106, Psychology 103, 103H, or Communication Studies 120