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Paramedic Training

Program Information

El Camino College’s paramedic training program is a cooperative joint program between the college and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Emergency Medical Services Agency, Paramedic Training Institute (PTI). Classroom instruction occurs at PTI, hospital clinical rounds are done at local area hospitals and field internships are done at a select few area fire departments.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

Paramedic Training Program-El Camino College Program Information Packet

Paramedic Training-El Camino College Program Application


Contact Information:

Public Safety Office is located in the Industry & Tech building, Room 231

Office Hours M-Th 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Kevin Huben
Paramedic Training Coordinator

Jeff Baumunk
Director, Public Safety

Julie Meredith
Administrative Assistant II