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Humanities Division

The Humanities Division at El Camino College offers a wide variety of courses in its departments: English, English as a second language (ESL), foreign languages, journalism, and library information science.

Division of Humanities

All general inquiries or requests for assistance, please email humanities@elcamino.edu.Contact

Humanities courses in our division assist students in strengthening and refining their skills in a variety of academic courses while furthering their educational goals.

Courses in English, ESL, and foreign languages range from basic to advanced.  As the largest division on campus, we are proud of our quality faculty, who keep current with both their research and practical knowledge of their respective fields. 


Humanities Division office hours are by appointment only. To make an appointment with a Humanities Division dean, please email them directly (contact information below). Every effort will be made to conduct these appointments by phone or email.


Students enrolled in Humanities fall classes must be available for online meetings at the times listed in the online schedule. 

All classes are being delivered online for fall session unless defined as essential under current state directives.

To understand time commitments, please see the information listed under the “meeting information” column in the online schedule. You have two choices:

  1. If there are no days or times listed in conjunction to the section you choose, the class is fully online.
  2. If you are choosing a section that lists day(s) and time(s), that means your instructor requires you to meet online during the time(s) and day(s) listed.


Access Counseling Services

Humanities Counselors: Counseling Services are now available in a virtual environment. The following link will take you directly to online access to the Humanities Division Counselors, Sabra Sabio, Maribel Hernandez, and Rocio Diaz: Humanities Counselors

ESL Online Services: Lorena Garcia and Kenya Alvarez are coordinating ESL Placement Testing. To chat, schedule appointments or send messages, visit Warrior Welcome Center (WWC) Online Support Services.

Repeat a Course: If a student receives a substandard grade (D, F or NP) or withdraws (W) from a course once, the student may repeat the course for a second time without permission.

Students who have taken a course twice but earned a substandard grade or dropped the course (D, F, NP or W), may submit a petition to repeat the course for a third time.

Dual Enrollment (High School Students) Frequently Asked Questions

Online Tutoring: Online Tutoring Services available, specifically, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish are available. Access Tutoring Resources

Scholarly Institute for Teacher Excellence (SITE)

Teacher’s Lounge


Contact Information

Debra Breckheimer, Dean

Scott Kushigemachi
, Associate Dean

Michele Bynum,
 Administrative Assistant

Tracy Ann Wilson, 

Charlotte Koyanagi
, Clerical Assistant

Helen Wada
, Clerical Assistant

Questions? Contact Us

Humanities Division Office

Humanities Building, Room 322 (3rd Floor)

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