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Industry & Technology - Women in Industry & Technology

Women in Industry and Technology (WIT)

WIT Program
WIT Center
Technical Arts Building
Room 104B
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Contact Info:
Victoria Martinez
Program Coordinator
310-660-3593 x 6780

Women in Technology (WIT) is an El Camino College program and a campus club that supports women pursuing non-traditional majors and careers. We encourage women to view non-traditional employment from a practical, hands-on interactive stance.

"Empowers Women for Economic Success"

Did You Know? Women in non-traditional careers typically earn 20-30% more than women in traditional occupations and women who are members of unions earn about 35% more than women working in places without unions.

Careers in Technology  can mean:

  • Higher wages
  • Financial security
  • Good benefits
  • Demand for skilled workers
  • Opportunities for advancements
  • Freedom to pursue careers related to interest and ability

WIT Goals & Objectives

Provide awareness of WIT majors
Recruit students into WIT classes

Provide support services/events for retention and graduation in nontraditional majors

Job Placement:
Develop relationships with employers to enhance internships and job placement in nontraditional career fields

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