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Cabinet Making and Fine Woodworking


Construction Technology's Cabinet and Fine Woodworking program teaches the properties of wood and wood products, installation of house cabinets, handmade fabrication of furniture, and other specialty items. Courses are taught by professionals who are experts in their field. Students will acquire proficiency in construction techniques using hand tools, power tools and basic machine operations.

The application and installation of European Style hardware are emphasized using hinge mortising line boring machines, designing and fabrication of cabinets using jigs and fixtures are taught through out the laboratory. Students will develop advanced skill levels while meeting the two year experience requirement for the California State Contractor's License Board.

With additional courses students can create technical drawings using both drafting instruments and computer-aided drafting systems, identify commonly used lines, symbols, exposure to the Uniform building Code and to understand city zoning ordinances and codes, Learn Financial planning, budget, record keeping, and taxes. Introduction to the fundamentals of residential remodeling and additions, planning and design, permit process, and blue print reading.


Contact Information:

Jack Selph
(310) 660-3593 x6009