Mathematical Science Division Course List

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CSCI 1: Problem Solving and Program Design using C++

CSCI 2: Introduction to Data Structures

CSCI 3: Object-Oriented Programming in Java

CSCI 7: The Beauty of Computer Science Principles

CSCI 8: Foundations of Data Science

CSCI 9: Practical Data Science

CSCI 12: Programming for Internet Applications using PHP, JavaScript, and XHTML

CSCI 14: Introduction to Programming with Python

CSCI 16: Assembly Language Programming for x86 (IBM PC) Processors

CSCI 17: Computer Programming in MATLAB

CSCI 23: Advanced Java Programming and the Android Operating System

CSCI 30: Advanced Programming in C++

CSCI 40: Introduction to UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems



ENGR 1: Introduction to Engineering

ENGR 9: Engineering Mechanics- Statics

ENGR 10: Dynamics

ENGR 11: Circuits Analysis

ENGR 12: Circuits Analysis Lab


MATHEMATICS (courses labeled with an asterisk are transfer-level courses)

MATH 110: Structures and Concepts in Mathematics*

MATH 116: Geometry and Measurement for Prospective Elementary School Teachers*

MATH 120: Liberal Arts Mathematics*

MATH 120S: Liberal Arts Mathematics Support

MATH 130: College Algebra*

MATH 130S: College Algebra Support

MATH 140: Finite Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences*

MATH 150: Elementary Statistics with Probability*

MATH 150H: Honors Elementary Statistics with Probability*

MATH 150S: Elementary Statistics Support

MATH 165: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences*

MATH 170: Trigonometry*

MATH 170S: Trigonometry Support

MATH 180: Pre-Calculus*

MATH 180S: Pre-Calculus Support

MATH 190: Single Variable Calculus and Analytic Geometry I*

MATH 191: Single Variable Calculus and Analytic Geometry II*

MATH 210: Introduction to Discrete Structures*

MATH 220: Multi-Variable Calculus*

MATH 270: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra*



MATH 115: Probability and Statistics for Prospective Elementary School Teachers