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Astronomy Telescopes


stone henge of telescopes


This gathering represents the largest telescopes to be made in the class at the time. They include two 16 inch, two 20 inch and a 28 inch.


El Camino College at the annual Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

Once a year, El Camino College students can enter their finished telescopes in the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference. The conference occurs every Memorial Day weekend in Big Bear, CA.

Joe's 25 inch telescope

25 inch Newtonian Truss Tube Design

This 25" Newtonian won a Merit award at the 2000 Riverside Telescope Makers Conference for its hand made optics and overall design.

pink dobsonian

Fun for the Whole Family

This customize telescope won a certificate of appreciation at the 2004 Riverside Telescope Makers Conference


An 6 inch Newtonian on a Dobsonian Mount

Most students make this kind of telescope due to its portability and low cost.

Daves 16 inch telescope

Large Aperture Telescopes

16" truss tube, dobsonian design with 6" newtonian telescope "piggybacked" on top.

28 inch small telescope

Perry Hacking

Our Astronomy 13 instructor, completed this 28 inch Dobsonian telescope as part of this class. Many other large aperture telescopes have been completed including four 16 inch, two 20 inch telescopes and a 25 inch.

lyman small

6 inch, f/10 first scope

With a long focal length and wooden dobsonian base, this is a fine example of a first hand-made telescope.

Les' 8 inch small

Portable 8 inch Truss Tube Dobsonian

This eight inch telescope has two supporting truss tubes for a compact and portable design.