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In the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Meta-Major, students will gain skills necessary to comprehend information, gather and evaluate evidence, as well as solve problems all with an interdisciplinary approach that could help to improve our society.

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Meta-Major Community

Engagment teams are groups of faculty, counselors, staff, administrators, and students who are here to help you succeed.

  • Success Team Lead: Susana Acuna-Acosta
  • Counselors: Angela Tuan, Ana Fernandez, Jesica Gallegos, Marian Bagamaspad, Daissa Lai, Rebeca Nunez Mason, and Nivole Winborne
  • Success Coach: Mavee Lee and Laura Mason
  • Librarian: Ryan Gan and Anita Colby
  • Peer Mentors:
  • ASO Representative(s): TBA

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For information about the Mathematical Sciences Division, go to the Mathematical Science webpage.

For information about the Natural Sciences Division go to the Natural Sciences webpage.