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Lots of factors go into planning your class schedule, from personal preferences to professional obligations. Schedule Builder can help! It’s an online tool, designed for current ECC students, that lets you explore and build your ideal class schedule at El Camino College. Schedule Builder also provides the ability to search for class sections with zero-textbook costs (ZTC$).

Current El Camino College student? Try Schedule Builder.

To get started with Schedule Builder, log in to MyECC.

Schedule Builder does not enroll you in classes. You must enroll via MyECC. Enrollment policies (prerequisites, unit limitations, etc.) are not checked until you enroll.

Learn how to use Schedule Builder

Quickly finding the perfect class schedule just got easier. To access the schedule planning tool, visit the student portal and click the link to launch. Adjust the filters at the top of the page to reflect scheduling preferences. Then, with three simple steps, you can create your dream schedule. Simply add desired classes, add breaks for work, sports, or other obligations, and generate schedules. To be presented with a full list of every open, conflict-free option, browse results by hovering, comparing schedules side-by-side, or clicking through the detailed view. Once you've found the best schedule, click Send to Cart to complete registration. For more advanced schedule customizations, you can lock classes, edit sections, or favorite schedules. Click the Lock icon to pin down a favorite section, and all courses will revolve around that class. Click the Options button next to a course and uncheck sections you would like excluded from schedules. Use the Heart icon to save and name preferred schedules and access them from the Favorites tab. To learn more, view the help videos from within the schedule planner. With this new tool, you will avoid scheduling headaches and experience registration success.;

How-To Guides

Schedule Builder

A quick how-to guide for using the Schedule Builder.

Zero-Textbook Cost

Learn how to search for Zero-Textbook Cost (ZTC) classes in Schedule Builder.

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