TracDat Training Materials
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TracDat Training Materials and Resources


TracDat User Video Tutorials

These video tutorials, provide users with information on the topics listed below.


SLO and PLO Assessment Handbook

This handbook will help faculty create SLO and PLO statements and show them how to enter assessments in TracDat.  It also has information regarding how to assess SLO and PLO statements.


***NEW!!! Includes ALC New Member Guide--Information for New ALC Members.***  (Updated 02.01.2016)

Click here for the downloadable PDF file of the latest SLO/PLO Assessment and ALC Handbook.



TracDat SLO Template

This template will help faculty enter assessments into TracDat.  By first filling out this template in Word format, faculty and/or staff can then copy and paste the information onto the respective areas in TracDat.  By saving their assessments in Word, using the "Save As" feature, faculty can also have the added benefit of having a record of their assessments in Word format.  (Updated 08.18.2015)

Click on the link below to download the Word document.  (Remember:  Once you have entered the information in the Word template, save your document by using the "Save As" feature and giving the file another name so as not to overwrite the blank template form.)

TracDat SLO Template Form


***The information listed below refers to the previous version of TracDat (v4) and is currently in the process of being updated to provide information relating to the new TracDat version (v5).***


TracDat QuickStart Guide

This guide will help SLO Coordinators, SLO Facilitators, and staff members participate in TracDat 101 training sessions.  Participants will learn how to input SLO and PLO reports into TracDat.

TracDat QuickStart Guide (pdf)


TracDat General User Guide

This guide will help all users learn how to view assessment statements, data, results, and reports, as well as to input required assessment results and follow-up actions into the appropriate areas.

TracDat 101 Training - User Guide (pdf)


TracDat Guide - Running 4-Column Reports

This brief guide helps users run a 4-column report for an SLO.

TracDat Guide - How To Run A 4-Column Report (pdf)


***For additional training, TracDat training sessions are offered every semester.  For dates and times of training, click here.***