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Admit Reception

Celebrate our Warrior transfer students and their accomplishments at the annual year-end Admit Celebration Reception!

Celebrating Transfer Success

The Admit Reception is held at the end of the spring semester to honor and celebrate transfer students who have been admitted to a University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), or a private/out-of-state university.

The program includes a slideshow to recognize the students transferring to their colleges/universities, welcome messages from faculty/administrators, guest speakers, and a breakout session with university representatives to discuss next steps in the transfer process. 

CollegeClipArtDont forget to let us know where you were accepted to!Accepted to University Form

Event Info

Spring 2022. Check back for more details. 

How to Attend

Check back here in the spring semester for information on how to RSVP and be recognized for your accomplishments.