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How to Get a Photo ID

Which Students Can Get a Photo ID?

Only currently enrolled students can get a Photo ID card. If you need help enrolling classes, please contact the Warrrior Welcome Center. 

You can use other methods to prove you are a current El Camino College student.See the Photo ID FAQ for more information.

How to Get a Photo ID

El Camino College (ECC) photo ID cards can be used by students to access campus services, verify their identity, and obtain student discounts at various businesses. Photo IDs are optional and free of charge to students!

To receive a photo ID card:

  1. Confirm you are enrolled in classes at El Camino College. 
  2. Get a second form of photo identification (i.e. driver's license, passport, other government-issued ID)
  3. Know your student ID number
  4. Submit a Photo ID Request Form or get your photo taken at the Warrior Welcome Center --no appointment necessary

Note that you must be registered in a class for at least 48 hours for us to create a student ID card. If you do not know your 7-digit student ID number, please contact the Warrior Welcome Center