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Why El Camino?

You have it in you—and El Camino will help you get there.

You Belong Here

College is more than just sitting in classrooms. It’s a big step, a new community, and a great adventure.

If your dreams include transferring into the UC or CSU system, or other higher ed, you’ll be more than prepared to get there from El Camino. If you’re eyeing a job in a technical field, we’ve got connections with the best employers in the South Bay.

And no matter what you study, our expert faculty are more than just teachers – they’re challengers, mentors, and believers.

You have it in you—and we’re here to help you get there. Let’s go.


We’ve Got Your Back

Starting the first day you visit on campus, our network of faculty and advisors are ready to help you focus your goals, make those big (and small) decisions, and settle in to college life.

Need academic support? We’ve got one-on-one tutoring, learning labs, and guided study centers. You’ll also find financial aid experts, on-campus healthcare, counselors for personal and family issues, diversity resources, and more.

It’s All About You

At ECC, everything is student-first – your goals, your career. That’s why we keep our classes sizes small, and every professor is a full-time teacher. Instead of rote lectures from graduate assistants or aides, you’ll learn from renowned experts with advanced degrees.

You’re also the reason why ECC has a reputation for our diverse and dynamic campus. Nationally-ranked athletics, fine arts studios, special-interest clubs – you’ll find a home here.

(It’s also really easy to find a parking spot any time of day.)


Low-Cost Classes

No matter where you start or where you want to go, a degree or certificate from ECC is always a great choice. We’ve got 75 programs to choose from, including training certificates, distance education classes, study abroad programs, weekend and short-term classes, and more!

Most classes cost only $46 a unit for California residents. If finances are still a concern, check out our South Bay Promise: if you’re enrolling full-time after your senior year of high school, we’ll waive your first and second year fees. Your financial aid advisor can tell you more!

The Best Prospects

A college degree or certificate means something to hiring managers – and South Bay employers know that ECC grads are great job candidates. Our Career Services team can connect you with the best opportunities and help you get a foot in the door for an interview, internship, or apprenticeship.

Looking towards a bachelor’s degree? Admissions departments at universities and private also know great students come from ECC. In fact, we like to brag about having one of the highest acceptance rates at CSUs and UCs in the entire community college system. Visit our Transfer Center today!

Welcome. You’re a Warrior Now.

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