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ICC Budget Request

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) Budget Request Form can now be all submitted online. After submitting the Budget Request Form, clubs may be contacted for additional information or discussion. Club representatives must be available to present their budget request during an ICC Cabinet meeting (held on Wednesdays). Once approved by the ICC Cabinet, clubs will need to talk about their requests once more in the following ICC General meeting (held on Mondays) and receive final approval before funds are transferred.

Submit a Budget Request Form

Please fill out an ICC Budget Request form to request club funding from the Inter-Club Council. Clubs must be familiar with their registration and active status to complete the form. Clubs should review which ICC events they have attended and club events hosted during last semester. 

Update: New budget requests are not being accepted at this time. Please contact icc@elcamino.edu for more details.

Submit Budget Request Form

Three items are due at the time of submission (files must be attached to the Budget Request Form):

  1. Approved Club Minutes signed by club president and club adviser
  2. ICC Budget Request Form
  3. A detailed budget breakdown

Information that should be included in a detailed budget breakdown:

  • Vendors, unit prices, item name, item quantity, tax costs, delivery fees, and cushion costs, etc.
  • Screenshots or specific links showing online prices
  • Descriptions explaining the purpose of each item
  • Time, location, name of the event or club meeting
  • Past club member attendances and participation
  • Expected attendance for the related event
Deadline: Tuesdays at noon one week before the applicable ICC Cabinet Meeting (Wednesdays at noon)


Feel free to send us an email at icc@elcamino.edu if you have any questions.