ICC Signature Events

Inter-Club Council Events for Club Participation

All clubs are required to attend at least three ICC events and at least 70% of ICC general meetings each semester in order to be deemed active for the following semester. 

Activity Description Date/Time Location
Earth Day The Inter-Club Council is partnering with the Maker's Fair to host an Earth Day Celebration where they will be discussing sustainability, eco-friendly living options, and Earth Day topics April 22nd, 2024 10am-2pm El Camino Art Complex
Kickball  Club Fundraiser An all out Kickball Club competition where clubs can come participate and compete to win funds for their club account TBD TBD
Elections Inter-Club Council will hold elections for their 2024-2025 Cabinet May 6th, 2024 Engage Platform
ICC Club Officer and Advisor Orientation All club officers are invited to attend this training.

Topics that will be covered include: How to Plan an Event/Excursion, How to Run an Effective Meeting, Club Finances, etc.
ICC General & Cabinet Banquet Celebrate the end of the academic year with your club members and fellow ICC representatives. Next year’s ICC Cabinet will be introduced. May 13th @ 6pm East Dining (above the bookstore)
Cultural Potluck Compete with and against your fellow club members in games and activities that test your knowledge and skills. TBD TBD
Inter-Club Council (ICC) events.