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Road and Walkway Closures

Construction is currently in progress on campus. Keep up-to-date on road and walkway closures and temporary detours.

Detour Updates

Walkway north of ART NORTH Will be closed from 6/13/22 to 6/17/22

While the campus is closed, the contractor will close access to the walkway south of the construction of the New Art building and North of Art North.

Walkway closed north or ART NORTH Building

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Art Building and Art North Walkway Closure

The walkway between the new Art building and Art North will be closed for 30 days starting Monday, October 18, 2021.

The map shows the closure, timeframe and the alternate route of travel.


Student Activity Center Construction - Path of Travel

Beginning December 15, 2019, fencing will be installed throughout the center of campus to initiate the demolition of the former Student Services Building and Student Activities Center, which will continue through June 30, 2020.

The fence will remain in place for construction of the Behavioral & Social Science Building and the Arts Complex until August 2022. The fencing project will affect the walkway between the Library and the buildings slated for demolition. The fencing will be placed on the walkway that stretches across Library Lawn, and runs parallel to the Library and will continue on the southern walkway parallel to the Art North building; the western walkaway that runs parallel to the North Gym; and the northern walkway parallel to the Communications building.

The new construction portion of the project will occur between August 2020 and August 2022. The fencing will remain up until the completion of the project. Construction vehicles will access the demolition and construction site from Manhattan Beach Boulevard between Lemoli Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Safety personnel will be stationed at the Manhattan Beach Boulevard entrance and on campus near the site at the crosswalk near the Communications building and the Planetarium.


Student Activity Center Path of Travel

Detour Map Phase 1: Fence Installation & Demolition of former Student Services Building and Student Activities Center
Detour Map Phase 2: Construction of Behavioral & Social Science Building and the Arts Complex