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Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are supported through community contributions from individuals and corporations.

Manhattan Beach Rotary
Manhattan Beach Rotary 2018 scholarship recipients with Rotary President Mark Burton (center R) and club member Ken Deemer (center L).Donate

Scholarships can be established specific to the students they are meant to serve and provide financial support for students to help cover tuition, fees, textbooks and educational supplies.

Establish a Scholarship

Interested in establishing an annual scholarship at El Camino College? Please contact Andrea Sala, Executive Director at  asala@elcamino.edu.

Available Annual Scholarships

There are many annual scholarships currently available for El Camino College students:

  • Pauline Adalian Memorial Scholarship
  • Marilyn and Austin Anderson Scholarship for Teachers
  • Florence M. Baker Scholarship for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Baxter Memorial Scholarship
  • Beaupain Family Scholarship
  • Kathy Benz Double Reed Players Scholarship
  • Kathy Benz Woodwind Players Scholarship
  • Evelyn Berman Scholarship for Teaching
  • Patrick Breckheimer Memorial Scholarship for Teaching
  • Bruins of the South Bay Academic Award
  • Marian McCandless Buck Memorial P.E.O. Scholarship
  • Enrique Caponi Memorial Scholarship
  • Corine Sylvia Carmon Memorial Scholarship
  • Jolene Combs Memorial Journalism Scholarship
  • Lillian (Sonnleitner) Donald Scholarship
  • ECCE Scholarship
  • Edison Scholars Scholarship
  • El Segundo Rotary Community Service Scholarship
  • Daniel Fairley Memorial Scholarship
  • John Featherstone Football Scholarship
  • Federation Scholarship
  • Constance Fitzsimons Art/Art History Scholarship
  • Friends of Redondo Beach Arts Scholarship
  • Dan Giles Memorial Global Peace Scholarship
  • Jane Skinner Hardester Music Scholarship
  • Honors Transfer Program (HTP) Scholarship
  • Human Development Transfer Scholarship for Excellence
  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Opportunity Scholarship
  • Surendra and Kala Jain Foundation Scholarship
  • Nils Johnson Scholarship
  • Lorna Katz/Jennifer Worrell Music Scholarship
  • Paula Kay Memorial Scholarship
  • Kinecta South Bay Promise Scholarship
  • Brian Keith Kutil Memorial Scholarship
  • Leonhard Family Machine Tool Scholarship
  • LIFO the Party
  • Phyllis Hausman Loeb Scholarship
  • Maloney Family Heroes Scholarship
  • Manhattan Beach Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Timothy Luse Maschler Memorial Scholarship
  • Tim Muckey Memorial Scholarship
  • Eva M. Murdock Scholarship
  • Julius Lee and Helen Harris Myers Memorial Scholarship
  • Neptunian Women's Club Scholarship
  • Nishiyama Family Scholarship
  • Joe Boyd Noble Memorial Scholarship
  • Cynthia and Charles Marquis Noreen Noel Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
  • Noreen Noel Memorial Scholarship for Nursing
  • Dr. Elizabeth Oberstein Dance and Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Athena Perrakis Scholarship in Memory of Kathleen Murphy
  • Athena Perrakis Scholarship in Memory of Mercedes Thompson
  • Carmen Perry Scholarship
  • Queer is Love Scholarship
  • Real Estate Scholarship
  • Michael P. Reddy Memorial Scholarship
  • Rede Family Scholarship
  • Redondo Beach Rotary Community Foundation Scholarship
  • Virginia and Thomas Riddle Scholarship
  • Barbara Riser Scholarship
  • Riviera Garden Scholarship
  • Room to Grow Scholarship
  • Sawelson Family Healthcare Scholarship
  • SHE Scholarship
  • SME Gene Haas Foundation Machine Technology Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Student Success
  • Horace Simmons Memorial Scholarship
  • Dave Snowden Memorial Scholarship
  • Southern California Kaiser Permanente Scholarship
  • Ray Southstone Scholarship
  • Robert R. Sprague Foundation Scholarship
  • Corey and Orasa Stanbury Scholarship
  • Jessie Steensma Scholarship
  • Richard Swartzman Scholarship
  • Thompson Scholarship for Business
  • Chuck Turner Theatre Scholarship
  • David W. Vrooman and Joan C. Vrooman Scholarship
  • McKellop Wager Family STEM Scholarship
  • Dr. Harold Wolpert Scholarship
  • Rae Wyman Memorial Scholarship
  • Myrna Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum Scholarship