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El Camino College is committed to providing a comprehensive benefits package for academic and classified employees.

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Learn more about employee benefits offered at El Camino. The College also offers many perks to eligible employees – from professional development opportunities and work-life programs to discounts and deals.

If you have specific questions, contact hr@elcamino.edu

Compensation and Fringe Benefits Highlights

If you have questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a disability that is impacting your work environment, questions about the interactive process, or general concerns about ADA accommodations please contact:

ADA Compliance Officer
Leobardo Barrera III, EdD
310-660-3593 x7806

To apply for a reasonable accommodation, complete the online form:
ADA Employee Accommodations Request Form.


For more information, please see the following online form regarding Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act:
Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act.


The College provides a diversified insured benefit program for classified staff members, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance.

Dependent medical, dental and vision insurance is available toward which both the College and staff member contribute.



Classified staff members contribute a percentage of their monthly salary to the Public Employees Retirement system (PERS) and to Social Security. Upon termination, PERS retirement contributions may be withdrawn in full, plus accumulated interest.


Scheduled salary increases are based on service in the position and are granted the first day of the month following each year of service, until step F is reached.


  • Paid sick leave is granted equal to one day for each month of classified service.
  • Sick leave may be accumulated indefinitely; for each 25 days of unused sick leave, the employee receives one additional vacation day per year.
  • Rather than state disability insurance, limited sick leave benefits are available for those days beyond the earned sick leave days to be paid at 50%.


The College has a liberal vacation and holiday package.


Classified Staff

Regular classified employees are currently covered by the agreement between the El Camino Community College District and the ECCE, Local 6142.

For full overview of classified staff resources and benefits, visit the Classified Staff Resources.