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Staff Directory

Meet the helpful staff of the Human Resources division.

Human Resources

Name Title Email Phone 310-660-3593
Jane Miyashiro Vice President jmiyashiro@elcamino.edu ext. 3807
Maria Smith Director mgsmith@elcamino.edu ext. 3808
Roxanne McCoy Assistant to the Vice President rmccoy@elcamino.edu ext. 3474
Mayra Peralta HR Analyst mperalta@elcamino.edu ext. 3477
Christina Conners Benefits Advisor cconners@elcamino.edu ext. 3475
Pamela Jones HR Service Partner pjones@elcamino.edu ext. 3478
Martha Lopez HR Service Partner melopez@elcamino.edu ext. 5809
David Perez HR Service Partner dperez@elcamino.edu ext. 7967
Mark Rogers HR Service Partner mrogers@elcamino.edu ext. 3479
Ana Florentino HR Technician aflorentino@elcamino.edu ext. 3476
Richard Gonzalez HR Technician rgonzalez@elcamino.edu ext. 5807
Robert Swain HR Technician rswain@elcamino.edu ext.  3473

Division Contact List

Office of Title IX, Diversity, and Inclusion

Name Title Email Phone 310-660-3593
Jaynie Ishikawa Director jcishikawa@elcamino.edu ext. 3813
Amanda Webb Administrative Assistant II awebb@elcamino.edu ext. 3829