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Candidate: JP Bareng Schumacher

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JP Bareng Schumacher

In 1992, JP Bareng Schumacher’s family was struggling financially. So, despite many starts and stops in her higher education journey, his mother went back to school in her mid-40s with the goal of becoming a nurse. It was at El Camino College that she finally found success- from her encouraging counselor to the rigor of her program to the remarkable nursing faculty. In 1997, when his mother graduated with honors from El Camino’s registered nursing program, their lives were forever changed for the better. His mother’s experience at El Camino inspired him and shaped his own belief in the power of higher education. JP went to El Camino himself and witnessed the same encouragement from his counselor, rigor, and remarkable educational experience. It is no wonder that El Camino is incredibly special to him. Born and raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles, JP is enthusiastic about the Vice President of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent role and the opportunity to give back to his community.

JP is a proud 1.5 generation college graduate receiving his associate degree in psychology from El Camino College, Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and Master of Public Administration degree from the University of La Verne. He possesses over twelve years of progressively responsible student services administration experience- four years within the University of California system and over eight at California Community Colleges- with titles including coordinator, director, and dean. JP has considerable student services management breadth including counseling and counseling instruction, DSPS and DSPS instructional programs, grant administration, health and psychological services, outreach, retention services, student conduct, student equity, student life and leadership, transfer center, and veterans services. The majority of his student services experience has been centered on increasing college access and student success for disproportionately impacted student populations, many of which are underrepresented and under-served in higher education. Some of his proudest accomplishments are the creation of a Mana program to support Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander student success, the launch of a Social Justice and Equity Center, and the stabilization and expansion of DSPS services.

JP's approach to leadership is collaborative and student centered, shaped by his experiences as a queer, multiracial individual, and anchored in equity, humanity, and social justice. He looks forward to applying this approach and forming powerful partnerships with faculty, classified professionals, students, administrators, and the community to support student success at El Camino. The way to his brain is heady discussions on current events and critical student development theory. The way to his heart is a good laugh, paired with well-crafted maple donuts.