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Our Brand

Our brand guidelines articulate who we are and who our students are and who they want to be, and provides the clarity we need to amplify this.

What is Our Brand?

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The El Camino brand is not limited to marketing. It’s not just about words on the page or on the site. The brand is about how we interact with our students and each other every day.

It informs the behaviors, language, actions and decisions we make every day to positively impact students’ lives.

We are a community committed to excellence and care for our students and each other.

The Tagline

"Together. Unstoppable." is a key takeaway that represents the intersection of what we offer and what our community is seeking. This ensures that our messaging is authentic, true and resonant.


Together. Unstoppable. Tagline


The concept speaks to the power of who we all are when we work together. By presenting this as two full-stop ideas and separate words, we create an even more powerful statement and clearly emphasize both our POV around community and partnership, and our view of what’s possible for our students and graduates.

In this concept, this campaign would not reuse either word each time but incorporate them in ways that make sense, always underscoring our key takeaway. The primary headlines (but not subheads) are developed with a similar, emphatic construction.

Who We Are

The El Camino “key takeaway” is what we want our students, prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff and extended community to know and believe about El Camino.

Whether it’s within a brief conversation, in a classroom interaction, a meeting with admissions or in a marketing piece or website, this key takeaway is at the core of who we are and what we stand for.


We are El Camino.

Brand Pillars

Our pillars are our reasons to believe our key takeaway. They represent the ways in which we foster a supportive community and provide the guidance and resources that help our students achieve their goals.


Caring and Committed Professors

Our professors choose this college based on their ability to have direct impact on students’ academic and personal success. They believe El Camino students represent the best kind of student: hardworking adults who are striving to make the most of their higher education opportunity.

Smaller Classes

With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:28, we offer smaller classes that allow students to master subjects through mentoring by their dedicated professors.

Holistic Student Support

With many faculty and staff being El Camino alumni and longtime members of the local community, we recognize the resilience of our students and our community. And the value of guidance as we strive to help students reach their goals — and even stretch beyond where they ever imagined.

From formalized academic support to outreach by faculty and staff, we strive to provide the right level of guidance, nurturing and support for each student.

Our  Student Support Expos provides an opportunity for all students to connect and learn more about academic and student support programs and services.


Renowned Programs

El Camino is recognized for exceptional programs and preparation for both four-year universities and direct-to-career programs. From Radiation Technology and Fire Technology to Journalism, Nursing and Education, El Camino is known for the quality and success of our grads.

Academic Excellence

Our graduates are recognized for their higher level of knowledge in the workplace and university classes, and we’re proud to have one of the highest acceptance rates at CSUs and UCs in the entire community college system

UCs currently accept nearly 80% of our transfer applicants and CSUs accept more than 1,000 of our students each year.

Our professors are highly educated and deeply knowledgeable in their fields, with graduate and doctorate degrees from Cal (UC Berkeley), UCLA and other top institutions.

Access for All

We believe all high school graduates should have access to higher education and finances shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving that. We support this in multiple ways, including:

  • South Bay Promise: No enrollment fees for up to two years for all first-time, full-time students attending, regardless of school district.
  • Student Success and Support Programs: From honors to pathways programs, we support our incoming South Bay Promise students with the resources they need to take full advantage of their El Camino education.

Dual Enrollment

We want to help ambitious high school students get ahead in higher education and offer dual-enrollment in college courses for eligible seniors.


Welcoming and Diverse Community

From their first step on our campus, students and visitors feel welcomed into a diverse community that reflects our South Bay location. Every day we strive to embrace and support our diverse community through increasing equity and inclusion via behaviors, language and curriculum.


With our nationally-ranked women’s beach volleyball team and championship-winning teams in a multitude of sports, El Camino has over 20 intercollegiate athletic programs available to student athletes.


Our events reflect our diverse community, both internal and external. From our Annual College Night and Onizuka Space Science Day to Dia de Los Muertos, Taste of Soul, and PRIDE week, we serve as a hub for cultural, arts and academic events for our community.


Our high-quality performing arts events and programs include world-class touring musicians, artists, theatre productions and more. Past events have included Los Angeles Philharmonic and Los Angeles Opera as well as student-performed productions of RENT, In the Heights and multiple student art exhibitions every year.

Clubs and Organizations

With more than 50 clubs on campus, new students and returning students can find a club that connects them to others with shared interests, ambition and cultures. We know our most successful students are those who are connected and take advantage of all that El Camino has to offer, so we encourage students to join or start a club to get the most out of their student experience.


Students First

We recognize that many of our students are entering college for the first time and are taking on new levels of academic rigor and responsibility. Our faculty and staff support this growth and focus on serving and mentoring our students so when our grads leave, they’re prepared to succeed in any arena: academics, career and life.

Transfer Resources

From day one, our incoming students take advantage of counselors who guide them on the path to transfer. They ensure students know which classes they need to take to prepare for their major and help them with a seamless transition to a university.

Relevant Curriculum

Our faculty and administration develop and maintain curriculum that reflects both current thinking and innovations in the field of study. This ensures our graduates, whether going directly into a career or a four-year university, are prepared to hit the ground running.

Direct-to-Career Training

Our career-focused training has launched thousands of students in careers in Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Radiology, Paralegal, Respiratory Tech, Auto Tech and Construction Technology. In partnership with our local business community, we also provide training in general automotive, construction, electronics and machine tool programs.

Career Center

We focus on helping students achieve career and life goals by exploring their values, interests and aptitude. Together we explore career opportunities and workforce demand so our students can make informed decisions about their future.

Proven Outcomes

Our transfer rates speak for themselves, putting our grads in the best position to successfully transfer. Our graduates in career and certificate programs move into and up quickly in the workforce. Consult Institutional Research & Planning for current placement statistics.

Alumni Narratives

We must highlight our alumni stories, from the famous to the successful, in universities and the workforce.

Employer Narratives

Across all platforms, we need to highlight resonant stories that speak to the preparedness of El Camino grads, how employers seek out El Camino grads and their narratives about El Camino alumni.


Maximizing Exploration, Minimizing Debt

El Camino’s depth and breadth of programming, when combined with low-to-no tuition options, means students can explore and find their passion without paying tens of thousands of dollars at a four-year institution. El Camino students get both broad opportunities and the guidance they need to make an informed decision about their path forward.

Broad Class Availability

Students have access to a breadth of programs, including digital arts, fire and emergency technology, business, nursing, computer information systems and machine tool technology. Nearly all programs can be completed in two years.

Low or No-Cost Enrollment Fees

We believe every student should have the opportunity to continue their education. At El Camino we offer:

  • South Bay Promise: Enrollment fees for the first and second year will be paid for full-time students and additional services and counseling will be offered to students enrolled in the South Bay Promise. This is available to all first-time, full-time college students (regardless of school district) who attend El Camino College the fall after their senior year.
  • AB 540 Resources: Students who identify as undocumented or AB 540 have access to financial aid and more, and our team helps them understand how to access and request any aid for which they’re eligible.
  • Scholarships: We work with all students to determine which scholarships they’re eligible for and help them apply. In the 2018/2019 school year, over 20,000 El Camino students were awarded grants, scholarships and fee waivers totaling over $57 million.


Brand Tools

El Camino's brand should live within everything we build. The purpose of this brand and style guide is to establish consistency across all of the College's materials.

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