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Applauding Warrior PRIDE

Applauding Warrior PRIDE-

ECC’s Employee Recognition & Acknowledgement Program

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What is "Applauding Warrior PRIDE"?
"Applauding Warrior Pride" is a campus-wide employee recognition and acknowledgement program that was recommended through the collegial consultation process and adopted as an official strategic initiative for El Camino College. It is an overhaul of the former "Applause Card" recognition program where it is now structurally grounded in and tied to:

  • The College's mission – Recognizing employees making a positive difference in people's lives; and
  • The College's values – Acknowledging employees who reflect Warrior PRIDE (employees who demonstrate a value for People, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence.)

How does the program work?
Individuals who want to recognize or "applaud" an El Camino employee who demonstrates the College's mission or embodies the College's values can complete an online form that will be emailed to the employee and their supervisor as a certificate of award. Nominators are encouraged to include their identity when submitting an online "applause," but identities can be withheld from award recipients if desired (but a nominator's identity will not be withheld from the awardee's supervisor to prevent individuals from self-nominating for the award.) Award recipients have the option of having their name publicly published in the President's online Newsletter.

Who is eligible to receive Warrior PRIDE recognition?
Anyone who is a current El Camino College employee and possesses an ECC email address is eligible to be nominated for a Warrior PRIDE certificate of award. This includes:

  • Administrators, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Classified Staff - full-time and temporary
  • Confidential Staff
  • Faculty - full-time and adjunct
  • Police - officers, trainees, and cadets
  • SSP's
  • Student Workers
  • TNC's - including tutors and professionals

What criteria must a Warrior PRIDE recipient meet in order to be awarded such recognition?
A Warrior PRIDE recipient must be a current employee of the College and meet one of the eligibility categories listed in the previous question. Most importantly, when considering an El Camino employee for a Warrior PRIDE certificate of award, you should be able to:

  • Describe how the individual's actions drive El Camino's mission of people making a positive difference in people's lives; and/or
  • Describe how the individual's behavior reinforces El Camino's core values – valuing People, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and/or Excellence.

What are the parameters and/or restrictions affiliated with this program?
All currently working El Camino employees are eligible to participate, both as a nominator and as an award recipient, in the Warrior PRIDE recognition/acknowledgment program. Individuals who are not currently working at El Camino or who are not on El Camino's payroll can nominate an El Camino employee for the Warrior PRIDE certificate of award but are not eligible to receive an award.

Behaviors and/or outcomes being recognized can be long-term behaviors or a one-time act; behavioral outcomes may be large in scope impacting the college as a whole or quiet acts that are meaningful to a single individual. What matters is that the awardee be deserving of recognition for demonstrating the College's mission or core values.

There are no restrictions on how many times or how frequently a person can nominate individuals for the award or an eligible recipient can receive an award.

How do I get started "applauding" individuals for the Warrior PRIDE certificate of award?
To officially recognize a currently working El Camino employee with a Warrior PRIDE certificate of award, complete the following online form:


 or scan the QR Code:
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