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Professional Development Committees

2022-2023 Professional Development Committees

Classified Development Committee 2022-2023

First Name Last Name Division Extension
Monica Delgado* Student Equity & Achievement 7716
Ricardo Gonzalez Formerly Incarcerated Re-entry Students Thriving 7809
Rosa Gutierrez Enrollment Services
Caroline Hanna Financial Aid  
Tuan Hua* Professional Development & Learning 3869
Loretta Lau Library and Learning Resources 3879
Georgi Levine Center for the Arts 3029
Cecilia Mataalii Behaviorial and Social Sciences 5735
Julie Meredith Heath Sciences & Athletics 5545
Connie Nguyen Outreach and School Relations 7819
Gema Perez Distance Education 7453
Lisa Tam Marketing & Communications 5406
Erika Yates Library and Learning Resources 3514

Faculty Development Committee 2020-2021

First Name Last Name Division Extension
Stacey Allen Behavioral & Social Sciences 3750
Taryn Bailey Academic Affairs 3889
Erica Brenes Humanities 3175
Anna Brochet* Counseling 3161
Linda Cooks Library & Learning Resources  6713
Amy Herrschaft Counseling 6049
Amy Himsel Behaviorial & Social Sciences 3572
Analu Josephides Library & Learning Resources 3510
Crystle Martin Library & Learning Resources 3526
Arturo Martinez Mathematical Sciences 3218
David Moyer Fine Arts 3038
Jackie Nolasco Professional Development 3871
Polly Parks Natural Sciences 3353
Evelyn Uyemura Humanities 5173

 *Committee Chair


Managers Development Committee 2022-2023


The Management Development Committee is made up of all managers and meets monthly during the Management Forum, a monthly PD session.


Admin Support Task Force 2022-2023

First Name Last Name Division Extension
Donna Baldwin Special Resource Center 6077
Kathy Cottle Counseling & Student Success 3343
Alicia Guevarra President's Office 6428
Tuan Hua Professional Development 3869
Marisa Lopez Purchasing & Risk Management 3375
Marta Maaza Mathematical Sciences 3201
Veronica Mendoza Community Education 6451
Lucy Nelson VP of Student Services 3472
Linda Olsen Health Sciences & Athletics 3546
Grace Perez Fiscal Services 3109
Amanda Webb Title IX 3829
Ananda Williams South Bay Promise 6472


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