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Subpoenas - please submit all requests to sawarrie@elcamino.edu

When serving subpoenas please note:
The college requires a $15 processing fee. 
Please make checks out to El Camino College c/o Subpoenas.  

Subpoena service by mail: 
El Camino College - Subpoenas
Administration Building
c/o Shobhana Warrier
Vice President, Administrative Services
16007 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA  90506

Subpoena service in person:
El Camino College Administration Building
Vice President, Administraive Services
Second Floor-Room 248

Subpoena service subpoenas via email:
Subject line must include "Subpoena along with your company's identifier."
Please only submit one subpoena per email and mail a check for $15 to the college as indicated above.

For questions, please email sawarrie@elcamino.edu