Insurance Benefits Committee

The Insurance Benefits Committee (IBC) is authorized to review, study, and recommend changes as it deems appropriate in health benefits offered (including medical, dental, and vision benefits) and changes, if any, in the sharing of costs for any such coverage between the District and its employees. Recommendations from the IBC may be provided to the respective negotiation teams for the Federation and District for review and consideration. The ultimate responsibility to evaluate, provide, and pay for health benefits is determined through the collective bargaining process.


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Name Assignment
Miyashiro, Jane Chairperson
Smith, Maria Co-Chairperson
Conners, Christina Confidentials
Kushigemachi, Scott President's Appointee
Lemons, Marlow President's Appointee
Sundara, Ketmany President's Appointee
Solorzano, Erika POA
Galan, Kenny POA (Alternate)
Chambers-Salazar, Polli ECCFT (Alternate)
Palos, Teresa ECCFT
Leiby, Mary Ann ECCFT
Dietz, Roy ECCE (Alternate)
Suarez, Lisa ECCE
Perez, Grace ECCE
Whiting, Michele ECCE