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Insurance Benefits Committee

The Insurance Benefits Committee (formerly Health Benefits Committee) is responsible for the design and implementation of a health benefits package that is cost effective and provides quality benefits for El Camino College employees.


Name Assignment
Miyashiro, Jane Chairperson
Clemons, Lyn President's Appointee
Kushigemachi, Scott President's Appointee
Jeffrey, Valerie President's Appointee
Smith, Maria President's Appointee
Lemons, Marlow President's Appointee
Sundara, Ketmany President's Appointee
Solorzano, Erika POA
Galan, Kenny POA (Alternate)
Cohen, Jeffrey ECCFT
Chambers-Salazar, Polli ECCFT (Alternate)
Palos, Teresa ECCFT
Leiby, Mary Ann ECCFT
Dietz, Roy ECCE (Alternate)
Sakatani, Charlene ECCE
Marquez, Lissette ECCE
Whiting, Michele ECCE