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Parking & Traffic Council

The El Camino Community College District has a Parking & Traffic Advisory Council that works with the district and the Chief of Police to maintain and improve quality parking facilities and services for the staff, students and visitors of the college.

The committee meets every other month and is made up of representatives from faculty, staff, students and management.

Some of the issues we work with are parking availability, signage, lighting, disabled parking, enforcement, traffic flow, parking permit requirements and the campus courtesy shuttle service.


Name Assignment
Miyashiro, Jane Chairperson
Clemons, Lyn President's Appointee
Kushigemachi, Scott President's Appointee
Jeffrey, Valerie President's Appointee
Smith, Maria President's Appointee
Lemons, Marlow President's Appointee
Sundara, Ketmany President's Appointee
Solorzano, Erika POA
Galan, Kenny POA (Alternate)
Cohen, Jeffrey ECCFT
Chambers-Salazar, Polli ECCFT (Alternate)
Palos, Teresa ECCFT
Leiby, Mary Ann ECCFT
Dietz, Roy ECCE (Alternate)
Sakatani, Charlene ECCE
Marquez, Lissette ECCE
Whiting, Michele ECCE


If you have any issues that you would like to bring to the attention of the Parking Committee, please contact:
Campus Police Department Parking Services at 310-660-6769.