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Yesterday’s Events in Washington, D.C.

January 7, 2021

Dear Colleagues:

One of our most sacred rights as Americans is the right to participate in the democratic process by voting in free and fair elections. In 2020, with a presidential election that was arguably the most consequential of our lifetimes, record numbers of voters—including young and first-time voters—cast their ballots to make their voices heard.

This cherished aspect of our democracy stands in stark contrast to what we witnessed in Washington, D.C. yesterday. The attack on the United States Capitol was an affront to our democratic values and our nation’s commitment to the peaceful transition of power.

If ever there was a time for our nation to come together to address the challenges we face, it is now. We’re living in extraordinarily difficult times, with a pandemic that continues to surge seemingly out of control and the compelling urgency to address racial inequities and social justice. This is a time to unite together rather than give in to our differences. 

As Warriors, let’s continue watching out for each other. Take care of yourselves and your families. And, please, stay healthy and be safe.

Best regards,

Dena P. Maloney, Ed.D
El Camino Community College District
310-660-3111 (office)