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President’s Advisory Committee on Race and Equity

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Final Report President’s Advisory Committee on Race and Equity 

(September 2020 June 2021)

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Black Student Success Week

April 26-30, 2021 was Black Student Success Week. It was a powerful week full of daily webinars and information. If you were unable to attend, please listen using this link.



The purpose of the President’s Advisory Committee on Race and Equity is to advise the president on strategies to support an inclusive and welcoming campus climate for all students, faculty and staff. The Committee will develop a set of objectives and activities that support this vision. The Committee will use a tri-chair model to conduct its work.

There are five areas of focus for 2020-21:

  • Curriculum and Faculty Professional Development (Academic Senate lead)
  • Campus-wide Professional Development (ECCE, Administrators, Faculty)
  • Police and Community Relations/Policies (Administrators, ASO, Faculty, ECCE)
  • Student Experiences (ASO lead, Administrators, Faculty)
  • Employee Experiences (Administrators, ECCE, Faculty- Federation)

The Committee will also oversee the development of a calendar of activities that reflect the focus on race and equity, sponsored by affinity groups as well as the College at large.


"It is important that I serve on the President's Advisory Committee on Race & Equity as I work to ensure that the activities and objectives discussed promote an inclusive, welcoming and equity striving climate for all students. As a First Generation Latino student, I understand the struggles and obstacles that historically underrepresented student groups face, and I am honored to be surrounded by such empowering students, staff, faculty and administration. Everyone is dedicated to creating an anti-racist environment while also working towards providing equitable opportunities for students to succeed not just in the classroom but in their personal lives as well."

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