El Camino College Secures Title V Grant to Help Students Graduate, Transfer

November 30, 2023 Torrance, CA

A new grant recently received by El Camino College will provide much-needed funding to help ensure students are successful in their classes so they can graduate and transfer to a university or pursue a fulfilling career.

The Warrior Initiative for Greater Success, also known as WINGS, was awarded a 2023 Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions federal grant that includes approximately $ 2,933,700 over five years. Grant funds will support professional development for faculty teaching math and English college-level courses and will provide success coaching for students in WINGS.

“This funding will be used to fund services and programs designed to address equity gaps that have historically hindered college students in their pursuit to achieve academic and professional goals,” expressed El Camino College Superintendent/President Dr. Brenda Thames. 

Primarily targeting Hispanic and/or low-income students, individualized support will be available for those with high academic needs. Success coaches will work with students to create a personalized plan to help address any barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goals, and then monitor their progress so students can access assistance such as tutoring. If necessary, coaches will also be able to direct students to the college’s various basic needs services, such as the Warrior Pantry and Warrior Closet, which offer free food and clothing. Starting in the spring, 50 students will enroll in WINGS for the first year, and 100 students will join the program each year after that.

WINGS will also offer equity-focused professional development for faculty members who teach math and English courses so they can help students progress to completion, and or transfer. In addition, health and wellness activities will be provided to faculty and staff to help them heal from the effects of COVID-19.

“Addressing professional development for faculty teaching math and English ‘gateway courses,’ while providing students in the program with holistic, comprehensive support is what makes this program special,” said El Camino’s Director of Grants Development & Management Liliana Islas. “These targeted efforts can lead to dramatic improvements in equity, and time-to-degree.”

At just $46 per unit, El Camino College offers low fees and an outstanding college education. Students can apply now at www.elcamino.edu. The schedule of classes, in both digital and searchable formats, can be viewed online: www.elcamino.edu/admissions/schedule.asp. Winter and spring 2024 class schedules are online now, offering a variety of in-person, online and hybrid classes to fit any schedule.

For more information or to register for WINGS, contact Maricela Sandoval 310-660-7721 or email masandoval@elcamino.edu.