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Knowing Yourself and Career Assessments

Discover your interests and how they can align to support your future career path.

Define Yourself

Career counseling can provide many benefits, and the first step in your career development is knowing yourself. As career counselors, we strive to help you define yourself.

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As you explore this page, use this worksheet to list your interests, values, skills, and personal qualities: UC Berkeley Planning Your Future Worksheet.

Start with Interests

Interests are often the starting point in understanding what we may want out of our education and how that may ultimately lead to a desired career. Use the O*NET online explorer tool to find occupations that fit within such themes.

Career Assessments

We can use career assessments as tools to help you define various aspects of yourself. These are not tests; there are no right or wrong answers.

In addition to our online resources, we also have more comprehensive assessments such as the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory that we can further discuss in a career counseling session. 

Note: No assessment will ever tell you what you should and should not pursue. Instead it serves as a tool to help define aspects of yourself to reflect and direct your exploration in a way that is aligned with how your interests, skills, values, and personality may relate to your career goals.


Here are some resources that feature assessments on defining your possible interests, skills, and values. There are more that we may provide for you in a career counseling appointment if needed.

We highly recommend meeting with a career counselor to discuss the results of any assessment you take.


Eureka Career Program

Check out assessments such Inner Heroes, How Do I Learn?, What Are My Values?, MicroSkills, True Colors, and Occ-U-Sort to match your skills, personality and talents to possible careers that may be of interest to you to explore further.

Site code for ECC Students: PQINZGF

Career Crusing

Career Cruising

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A comprehensive and interactive career guide resource that provides information such as job description, working conditions, earnings, education, sample career path, and more. Assessments featured match your likes and dislikes, skills, and learning styles to find careers that match up with your interests.

Career Coach

Career Coach

Career Coach has information on occupations within various career areas, a resume builder and a simple assessment to find matching occupations that may be of interest to you. Explore occupational information on daily tasks, education, wages, employment projections, actual job postings, and more. 

Career Zone

California Career Zone

A career resource program provides comprehensive information for 900+ occupations.  Includes self-assessment modules to help define possible interests, work importance and skills. Suggestion to check out financial literacy tools “Budget your Life” to determine the kind of lifestyle you want, what area, the budget you’ll need and the kinds of occupations with salaries that can lead to sustainable living wages.