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Campus Watch

Join the challenge! Be a part of our proactive and safe college environment!

Campus Watch empowers all of us!

  • Look out for each other
  • Be alert for potential dangerous situations
  • Report suspicious activities

Be aware! Be on the lookout and report:

  • A tense situation that is about to blow up
  • Any unusual noise you can't explain (screams, breaking glass, etc.)
  • Emergencies: fire, accident, critically ill person
  • Someone forced into a car or a van
  • Property taken out of a room/office that is not occupied
  • Broken glass/windows
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Anyone hanging around an office/hallway/building with no clear purpose
  • Someone looking in the windows of parked cars

Students, employees, visitors – all have a right to a safe, crime-free campus.

If something worries you – REPORT IT!
For more information, contact the El Camino Police Department: 310-660-3100.